Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Peeves

Today’s Topic: Make the Voices Go Away

Whose voice can’t you stand?

There are three people that I have had in my life that I hated when I heard their voice. The first one was when I was a payroll technician at the VA Medical Center in Augusta, GA. This one employee would constantly over draw her leave. I would then have to have her leave changed to Leave Without Pay as we do not have a policy that allows an employee to have "advanced" leave without prior approval. Once the leave was change dot Leave Without Pay I would have to collect the money from the employee. She would call me arguing everytime and threaten to go to the union. I would tell her that is her right. But it happened so often it got to where I could not stand to hear her voice. I even remember her name to this day, Nancy Gordon. Ugh... Another work one is in my current life. One of the people who I provide guidance to in payroll in Shreveport just don't seem to get it and she always has something to say on my training calls. I have grown to hate the sound of her voice. When I have a voice mail from her I often wait until right at the end of the day to return the call...less time to spend on the phone...

Lastly and sadly, the only other person whose voice reall annoyed me was my mother-in-law. When I read the question for today, her name came right to mind, then I was it right to say that with her no longer with us? And I decided that yes it is right. I never hid from her how I felt when she was alive, why should I do it now. And truthfully I would give anything to hear that annoying voice again. As much as she did not like me and caused me so much heartache in my life I cared about her and did enjoy much of the time we spent together. Sadly I loved to share my life with her and she would take things I would tell her and turn it around or make untruths from it and then that is when the heartache would ensue and I grew very annoyed with her. I wish we could have had more time to mend those fences, but it was not to be. So, yes, her voice annoyed me. I often would just hand the phone to my husband rather than even have to hear her voice, but I tried hard every day to deal with how I felt and to love her for the good things. And I would glady hear that annoying voice today if I could.


  1. my MIL drives me nuts, she has gotten better but we never talk but maybe once a year if that.

  2. Well yes, if we could have one more day, one more opportunity.. But, that's how she was,, but i am sure sweetie, she would say.. Thank you..

    hehe, i remember the first woman you described,lol..

    Have a blessed day!


  3. Ohh....liking the pretty layout design!

    <-- has had the same design forever.

    <-- scardy cat about losing the works

  4. I loved reading your blog today!! As I was reading it, I was thinking to myself, and not reading ahead.......she has to say Mom is a voice that I can't stand!! I can tell you she would be one I would have put down had I done this one!!! I would not have been so nice, she would have been first!! lol Then Dan's step mom, and then I don't Hope the move is going good!! I will send you an email with the kids shirt sizes soon, been sick all day with the flu, and finally feel a little better! Talk to ya soon!