Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Nine ~ Dying to Know

These nine questions for today are just what I needed. I am drawing to a close on the book I am reading, Jesus for the Non-Religious, by John Shelby Spong and was having a desire to block out religion so this worked out nicely.

1. What do you believe happens when we die?

I believe that when we die our souls rejoin with the greater spirit we call God and all of the other souls of the universe.

2. Do you consider yourself religious?

No, I consider myself spiritual. I believe there is a distinct difference. I don't follow any set theology, which I believe religious people do. Rather I try to be more in touch with my spiritual side and how things make me feel and hence what I believe.

3. Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, I believe souls that have left their earthly body come visit us from time to time before they take on a new earthly body, if they plan to take on a new earthly body.

4. Do you believe that people live on other planets?

Well, there is no proof yet, but I guess it is always possible that there is a galaxy that we have not discovered that other beings inhabit.

5. Have you ever seen something abnormal?

I am not sure what is meant by abnormal here. I mean, isn't it all relative?

6. Do you believe in reincarnation?

Yes, I believe our souls come back to earth in a new form to experience something different each time we are here. I believe souls who were together in one life in one way or another, whether just friends, lovers, family, or acquaintances all come together in some way again in another lifetime. I know people in my life today that I feel I must have been close with in another lifetime.

7. Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

My husband putting up with me everyday is a miracle.

8. Is there a person living or dead that influences your philosophies?

Neale Donald Walsch wrote some books that helped me to begin my faith/spiritual journey so he had a lot to do with influencing my desire to learn and not just settle with what had always been taught to me.

9. Is there a work of fiction that closely matches your spiritual beliefs?

Oh, yes, What Dreams May Come, by Richard Matheson. And I have to tell you the book is so much better than the movie. Don't think you know it just from watching the movie. The book detailed so much of how I believe our souls join with the others, accept for us souls that were troubled in someway on Earth. It is a great book.


  1. Thanks for sharing your beliefs, have a happy Saturday :)

  2. I never read the Matheson book, but saw the film. I thought that if I were to believe in an afterlife that it was a pretty good depiction of it. Welcome to Saturday 9!

  3. I love your miracle ... what a sweet thing to say ... I am sure he must be delighted with you ...
    And "What dreams may come" is also about a miraculous love story if I recall correctly ... love through dimensions ... awesome!

  4. I might check out the book because the movie was horrid. Thanks for cluing me in to the difference. :-)


  5. Very interesting answers! Thank you for visiting my blog!

    Love your #7..Too funny!

  6. I enjoyed reading your answers!! You've got a great blog!!

  7. I really enjoyed the Sat. 9 this week!! Took a lot of thinking! I will get back to you on the kids spring break!

  8. Nice detailed answers... thanks for teeling of the books you like :)

  9. What fun questions....I'm sure that was a good distraction--of sorts.....kinda.....LOL