Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sleeping With Bread

A day late with this one, but I did not want to miss it this week.

Last week was just great. I am so grateful to be here and have choices. So, last week I made the choice to get back on the band wagon and get rid of this weight. I made some pretty smart choices food wise and I exercised a total of 235 minutes, which I believe is a record for one week of exercise for me. It has made me feel so good and to keep doing it. And I saw results...I went from 333.4 to 325.6 lbs last week. I am grateful for a husband that is willing to change his lifestyle and eat the way I need to eat in order to be healthier.
Other than missing family I feel that my life was in no way lacking in the past week. I have decided not to look at the negatives as they are only a negative if I allow them to be so.


  1. Great work on your goals of keeping moving! You are doing wonderfully!

  2. Well, yaknow they say that 'attitude is everything'....and I'm glad for the choice to choose mine. Now--if ONLY I could be more consistent, eh? ;-)

    Keep staying the course---perseverence pays off!
    Wooooohoooooo!!!! You GO, girl!!

  3. Yay for YOU!!!!!!! i'm OMGosh so proud of you!!!

    Your doing fantastic doll :-)

    Love ya,