Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Stealing

1. What is the bravest thing that you feel you've ever done physically?

Wow, I have been thinking about this for the past 30 minutes or so and cannot think of anything. Pretty darn sad. I used to climb trees and climb very high as a young girl and that could be considered brave, or just naive. Ah, I remember now...was typing my answer to question number two and remembered. I would have to say the bravest thing I ever did was standing up to my father when he had gone off his rocker and had a rifle in his hands and was blocking my husband and I from leaving his property after an altercation and argument inside the house.

2. What is the bravest thing that you feel you've ever done emotionally?

Oh, this is a loaded question. I can think of a couple of things. I guess the one that I mention in number 1, standing up to my father when he had a rifle in his hand. It to me was both a physical and emotional bravery. My father had flipped, it was really an unbelievable scene. And it was all over my mom having had my uncle frost her hair, my father making nasty remarks about how it looked. I said something to the fact that to leave her alone, that it was her hair, he told me not to talk to him like that in his house. So, I told my husband we were leaving. Things escalated from there, my mom ending up going to the bathroom, crying and in the end chopped all of her hair off, it was horrific. I was hollering through the door that he was not worth it, that really set him off. And well, my husband got punched defending me and my dad would not let us leave. I don't know how we finally left that night. I do remember it was the night before Easter and some how we found a wig place open the next day on Easter and bought my mom a wig. We never talk about it now of course, but every once in awhile, often times on Easter I think of it.

3. What one talent do you wish you had that you don't?

I wish I were more witty. I love those people that can think of a comeback in seconds. I am so slow at this. I will think of something the next day.

4. If you had that talent what would you be doing with it?

I believe my conversations would just be so much more enjoyable if I was better able to respond to others and have the wittiness to make those conversations more colorful.

5. We all have our reasons for blogging but what would be your ultimate goal for your blog or as a blogger?

Blogging has allowed me to reach deep inside and get the real me to come out. The memes that I answer cause me to delve deep inside and think of things and put them into perspective, to learn who I really am and who I want to be.

6. What advice would you give a new blogger?

I would tell a new blogger to be real and to let what is real to flow out of them as they type. Not to use the blog as something to hide behind, it is a place they can be real.

7. Who are you three favorite blogs to visit (Yes, you can have ties and name more than three.)

  1. Well, my bffl...I have seen her grow into a very independent woman through her blogs and it is awesome to see her writing talent also there.
  2. I ran across Mel's blog because we both do Sleeping with Bread and I felt we had so much in common I kept reading. She is a funny lady with a lot going on in her life, she stays strong through it all.
  3. Third would be Barb's blog. She and I share similar spiritual beliefs which drew me to continue to read her blog. She is an interesting person and I always look forward to what she posts next.

8. You can trade lives with any one person for a month. Who would it be and why?

I would not trade lives with anyone. My life is not perfect, but I do not believe that anyone's life is perfect. It would not be worth it to trade lives with someone else and have to deal with their unfamliar problems.

9. There's a fire and your family is safe but you have the chance to save any one item from your house. What would it be and why?

I would grab my laptop as it is full of pictures I have taken for the past 10 years. Anything else can be replaced, but those pictures help with memories, memories that I never want to forget.

10. You have the chance to go back in time and warn yourself before making a bad choice. What choice would it be and what would you tell yourself?

I would go back to January 1998 the night before I left for a return trip to Cleveland, OH. I fell asleep that night while driving and could have killed my husband. I woke up to a semi climbing over the front end of my car. I tried driving a bit after that, but I eventually stopped and have not driven since. I am going to change that this year. I will get my license back and drive again. I miss my freedom to be able to go as I please. It was a stupid thing and we never travel now without being well rested.


  1. Standing up to a loaded rifel in the hands of a pissed off anyone.....yikes.

    Now, I'da given the idea of getting that license and putting yourself behind the wheel of the car the 'bravery' award.
    Mostly cuz I know that one!

    I'm excited for ya on that one....

    (think I'd grab the laptop on the way out, too...or maybe not--geeze.....lemme think on that one....)

  2. Family times can often produce the most terrifying and horrific memories we have to harbor. I'm sorry you had to go through something like that.

    Under the circumstances I'd call getting behind the wheel a brave thing to do as well. Good luck. Loved your answers.

  3. check out my blog- There's something on it just for you :)

    Have a great night!

  4. You are incredibly brave! I'm was so terrified yet proud of you in living through and retelling that difficult story.

    No words can express how brave an act that was.