Monday, January 19, 2009

Sleeping with Bread

Last week was very interesting. It made me examine what I really want and what is best for my immediate family, which is my husband and I. I have thought that I wanted to move to Georgia to be closer to my family. I would love to see them at least once a month. This last week however has presented a different path, which we have had to really analyze and determine which is the best. One is much better for us financially and the other is a very uncertain path. As much as I want to live in Georgia, finding a job there seems to be the difficult thing at this time. We only moved to Mississippi to be closer to family; other than that there is nothing else here for us. So, we could stay here, waiting for a job to show up in Georgia and being unhappy here or we can seriously look at this other offer, and make this our last move. So, last week was a good week in that it made me analyze where life is going for me and figure out if I go with the offer that moves me from here, how will I come to terms with that where family is concerned. We would be closer to my sister-in-law, which would be nice and further from my parents, brother and brother-in-law. In the end there is no perfect solution, it is just which one is easier to live with. No decision yet, but it was a week of digging deep and that is always good.


  1. Hello! I found your site through Sleeping with Bread. This is my first time participating. It sounds like you have a difficult choice to make but it is good to have choices. I pray that the decision becomes clear to you soon.

    Oh, I love Nora Roberts, too!

    Take care,


  2. As you know, i always want the best for you and Kerry...always, even during that time when we were separate and apart, but we will always be close, no matter if you are in the same State or not...

    But you being there and me being here does make it hard to borrow a cup of sugar...

    Love you always,,,

  3. Sometimes the things I think I want first, don't get to happen--and that turns out for the good, somehow.

    Kinda funny, that...

    *sending warm thoughts*

  4. Arghh!! (Not at you... Blogger ate my comment!)

    Essentially what I said was... I agree with you. Digging deep is sometimes a very good thing. I hope the decision about where and when to relocate becomes very clear to you and your husband.