Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Evening with a Stranger

I had no clue what to call this post.

We decided to go to Pizza Hut for dinner, which we have not done in over a year.  When we walked it there was an elderly man sitting there by himself just waiting on his food.  We ordered and then went to sit down.  The gentleman noticed the W on Kerry's work shirt and thought it was a Westinghouse shirt.  Kerry told him it was for Isle of Watermere and that is a retirement community.

After that the gentleman started talking and we would talk once in awhile, but did not say very much.  He just talked the whole time.  It was great, he was involved with that space craft with the two monkey's in the 60s.  The same two monkey's that they have in the Smithsonian.  He worked with Bell Helicopter his whole life and has bee n all over the world.  It was a great dinner.

I always lover talking to elderly people.  It also made me think about my Grandpa and now much I miss talking to him and hearing his great stories of his life.

So, I wanted to share that...I guess I am a little melancholy now.  I have Grandpa's picture right in front of me here all of the time in the living room...miss him so much.  I find lately I have been talking about him a lot to people.  Little things they say will make me think about he is on my mind a lot.  But not being able to pick up the phone and call him and hear that unique voice and his wonderful laugh will always be hard...Nights like tonight bring that home to me...


  1. That is great, I am sure that you brought some happiness into his life tonight by talking to him. That is a very sweet story.. Thanks for sharing

  2. Moments like that are pretty powerful stuff. Every once in a while I get a good reminder of what I carry with me that came from my step-mother. It's all good--even though I miss her, she really does remain IN me. Though, like you, I have 'boy I REALLY REALLY miss her' moments.

    (((((( hugs )))))))

  3. There are times that people come into our lives for a purpose, may it be a moment, a few years or a lifetime.

    Steph, angels come in many forms, you just never know when your playing with one...

    I'm so happy that you had this experience.

    I am sure your Grandpa knows how much you love him...still.

    Love you,