Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Question #107

Friday Question #107

How much television do you watch a day (on average)? Do you think it is bad for you if you watch too much?

This is actually one I would love to answer.  I have really cut back on my TV watching.  I watch 1-2 hours on Sunday evening, none on Monday, 1-2 hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, none on Friday.  Now Saturday it really depends on what we are doing, but I love movies and sometimes we will watch multiple movies on Saturday, but with the good weather I see that not happening as much.

I think too much TV keeps us sitting and not being active and that is what is bad for us.  The TV itself is not bad, it is that we are not active usually when we are watching it...and there are so many other fun things we could be doing that would get us up and moving.

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