Monday, April 5, 2010

Philadelphia Teams

I do not believe I have devoted much time in this blog to my love for Philadelphia Phillies and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Football is more my passion than baseball, but as I am getting older I am beginning to enjoy baseball more and more.

Why Philly?  Well, I am an army brat.  Grew up mostly in Germany and then in GA.  Dad is from Philly so as a young child in Germany it was natural to root for the Philly teams.  And it just kinda stuck.

Now, it was nice to see the Phillies come out swinging and kick some Washington butt in the first game of the season.  It was also nice to see Polanco with the highest number of RBIs for the day in MLB and Halladay's debut with the most strike outs for the day in MLB.  Atlanta and the Mets also played well today.  It will be interesting to watch these three teams again this year...and to see if Florida will improve as they did last year.  The National League East is always an interesting group to watch with great players and great fans.

Okay, on to the Eagles... I am sorely disappointed in losing McNabb.  So, that leaves Kolb and Vick.  Kolb has never shown me that he has it.  I just don't know what they see in him.  Vick might actually be the better starter...The Eagles have either traded or allowed other players to leave during this off season that have just killed me.  I can't imagine what this team will look like in the up coming season...All I can do is try to stay  positive that all will work out...but it is very scary...


  1. You're talking to a life-long Yankee's fan.

    'Nuff said.

  2. I am not much of a football fan, but I am a big baseball fan. I am a HUGE Braves fan and Tigers since I live in Michigan. I am going to steal another meme from your blog... I can't think of anything to write about this morning.