Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Bucket List

Every day I say I am going to blog, and then...I don't...I like to have time to sit and think so if I don't then I don't blog.  Yesterday I did, but then I did have time other stuff and never got around to blogging...

I am really trying to get away from doing meme's.  Yesterday hubby and I watched Griffin and Phoenix.  It is a love story about two people who are dying from cancer.  Neither know the other is dying nor do they know that the other has cancer also.  It stars Dermot Mulroney and Amanda Peet.  I think it is a must see...really.   But the reason I bring it up is because it got me thinking of what I would want to do if I knew I had an incurable disease.  So, here I go with my bucket list.

1.  I have always wanted to go to Machu Pichu in Peru. (will definitely need to lose weight to be able to do this walk)
2.  I would like to stay three to four weeks on the Waterford Coast in Ireland.  Preferably in a cottage...maybe even a thatched roof...
3.  I want to visit Australia
4.  I want to walk on the Great Wall of China
5.  Visit Hawaii for a week or two
6.  I want to vacation in the Mediterranean, preferably Greece and explore some of the old caves known for being used to worship goddesses in past history
7.  I would like to spend a summer in Tuscany, Italy.  
8.  I want to go dog sledding in Alaska.
9.  I want to walk through the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.
10.  I want to visit Yellow Stone park.
11.  I want to attend an opening ceremony of the Olympic games.
12.  I want to sky dive.
13.  I want to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Okay, those are the things that come to mind right off the bat.  I reserve the right to add to this list...and as I accomplish these things...well...that will just be tinder for blogging...


  1. Oh, there's a few movies I just cannot watch--I'm not sure I could do this one. I've yet to make it through 'Dying Young' with Julia Roberts and she's one of my favored actresses.

    Probably wayyyyy too many kleenex required. But, maybe I'll be brave and give it a go. It's not often I request a movie. Usually I'm just 'hangin' out' while himself makes the player thingy go. LOL

    Interesting list, I will say.
    There's a few in there I wouldn't mind doing, myself!

  2. Sounds like a sad but good movie! BTW, I loved the movie The Bucket List! I can tell you would love to travel, me too!