Thursday, April 15, 2010

Personal Support Network

As we are getting closer and closer to being approved to be able to adopt a child in the state of Texas I am becoming more and more aware that because of all of our moving our support network is spread far and wide.  As we think about who is local to watch our child, especially during the fostering period, we are very limited as we have many acquaintances, but few people we would call "good friends". 

We talk about going to church more regular and getting involved, which would help us to meet people.  I even joined a couples meet-up group, but we have not had a chance to make any of their gatherings.  Kerry is only off every other weekend and we just seem to never want to give up that 2 hours on Sunday and then to invest the time for other things during the week.

I even have a cousin that lives in the area.  We were never real close, mostly because of the difference in our ages and that our parents were not close and we grew up far apart.  It would be nice to get to know her better and maybe then our children would have a chance to know each other better.

We also have Kerry's sister and her family six hours away.  A little far for calling over and asking if she could watch our child, but still close enough if it was a major emergency that they could make arrangements to come offer support.

I am closest with Kerry's sister than anyone else in the area, though she is somewhart far for day to day contact, but I fortunately do have a couple very good friends we have made over the past few years and a new one that I am becoming attached, we have a small support network and will just have to work on making it a bit bigger.

As we go through this process it really makes you look at your life and how you have lived it and what will be changing.  This causes me to go through a gamut of emotions, but I find it somewhat refreshing also.  I am working on making some meaingful changes in my life from all of this introspection...stay tuned for the new me as I evolve...


  1. It is very exciting, hearing about you adopting! What is the ages you are thinking of? Local or overseas?

  2. I just saw that picture of the little girl on your blog. You know....she looks like she could be your daughter, even physically. What great parents you are going to be! I am so excited for you and hope you have continued success in this journey. Praying for you Steph!

  3. I am so happy for you. As an adopted person, thanks for taking the time to go through all of the dancing to adopt. I know it is sometimes difficult and painful, but it is worth it!!

  4. Reading about Izza made me weepy. I work in an agency that does adoption for special needs kiddos--breaks my heart to talk with them and they make me darn proud. They're such awesome kiddos.

    I hope the process goes smoothly for you. I know it's a challenging one, but it's necessary (which I'm sure you know). It does stretch people to look at aspects of their lives/routines and it does mean doing some things different. But gosh--to be able to bring to the life of a's an awesomely powerful and fulfilling thing.


    What's two hours on a Sunday? I mean, really.... I know, I know--'ME time' is a rarity and necessary. We're talking two hours. (LOL there's my pep talk for today!)