Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Question #109

Friday's Question

What herbs/spices do you love? What herbs/spices do you loathe?

Okay, my first all time favorite is basil.  I love the taste of basil and it can go with so many things.  The other items I use the most are garlic and this Smokey Sweet Pepper spice from McCormick.  I actually use this Smokey Sweet Pepper on is awesome for flavor.

The only item I can think of that I really, really don't like is Rosemary.  I really don't care for the smell nor the taste.


  1. Garlic. Always garlic. LOL And never Rosemary. I'm with ya on that one!

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    My other blog will be going private and I will send you the link to get to it as soon as I get it set up.