Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"I Want...." Wednesday #76

This weeks question is:

What do you WANT your neighbors to do?

I would like for them to get someone to take care of their lawn or to sell the house so that there was someone living in it that would take care of the lawn.  It is beginning to look really bad...and it used to be the best lawn on the block.

What else do you want this week? Share it all.

Nothing special this week.  Hubby works this weekend and I am working Saturday until 2p.  We don't eat beef much anymore, but hubby wants to grill steaks on Saturday when he gets home so I guess I just want to have a nice evening on Saturday with hubby...but then all of my evenings are nice as long as I am with hubby. :-)


  1. My neighbors are people that I don't know anymore. So I really don't want anything from them. I am working on maybe going to Florida to visit the kids for 2 weeks... We will see.

  2. Oh gosh--we live in one of 'those' neighborhoods. Yaknow, when one mows, the others start muttering cuz it means they have to mow. LOL I don't really mutter, but it give me harassing rights, so it's all good! ;-)

  3. Whoops, I think I might be one of those bad lawn neighbors.

    Thanks for playing IWW.