Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going Back to School

I got my acceptance letter today from Tarrant County Community college.  I have registered for one class and would like to register for another, but it says I need to take some placement exam or provide my SAT scores.  It has been over 23 years since I took those exams so I don't know how to get the scores.  I am going to send the paperwork off tomorrow for the transcript from the college I attended in GA in 1990.  Yeah, it has been 20 years since I attended school.  I am excited and nervous...

The main reason I decided to do this is because I need 24 hours of accounting to qualify for other jobs in the finance area at work or other agencies.  Though that is the main reason I figure I might as well get my Associates degree because I already have on year done and with these 24 hours it should not take that long.  Of course part of that depends on how many credit hours they will accept from before.  The only ones I think they may not take is biology.  Well, at least BIO102...I can't remember what I made in BIO 101, but I know I got a D in 102.

Once I am done with this then I need to decide if Iwant to go on for my Bachelor's Degree.  I really don't need it for work, but there is the sence of accomplishment and then what if I need it or want it when I retire to do whatever it is I am going to do then.  I heck...maybe I'll go for my Phd or something  We'll see...but this is the first time in a long time I have wanted to do this...and am excited and looking forward to it.


  1. Congrats on going back to school!!! It is definitely a sense of accomplishment when you get a degree.. I know you can do it!!! Good luck

  2. Awwwwww....I'm proud for you!!

    This is an awesome thing to chase for yourself--the sense of accomplishment is a good thing.
    I've no doubt you'll do well.
    Ohhhh...I'm excited for you.....

  3. How exciting! I am very happy for you :)