Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. It's the first of April, do you play April Fool's jokes on anyone?
No, but I thought someone was playing one on me this morning...they told me that as of April 12th Union Station would be closed for 45 days...I just knew they had to be kidding...the only reason it would be closed is because they are having to make changes for the new Super Light Rails that we will be getting...but that has only taken a weekend at all of the other why 45 days...well, looked it up at and sure enough...darn, I take the green line to West End to catch the blue line or do I take the TRE into Union will be going into an Amtrak area and then I would have to take a bus to Convention Center to catch the blue line...none of it appealing...ugh

2. Do you like to eat sardines?

OMG, no...but I used to when I was a kid...why?  I have no clue other than my dad ate them and I guess I wanted to do what he did...

3. Have you ever played racketball?

No, but watched my dad play it...does that count?

4. If eating at a fast food joint that has a dollar menu, do you order a bunch of different dollar items or just go ahead and get a regular meal?

I get what I want, not what is cheap

5. Have you ever taken a brand new pencil and sharpened it in an electric sharper until it was almost gone just because you were bored?

Uh, glad I have never gotten bored enough to do

6. Do you have any old broken computers still sitting around your home?

Thank goodness, is sitting at my dads...I think...

7. Ricky Martin came out this week stating he is gay. Were you shocked, had a feeling, "who?" or just didn't care?

Didn't have a clue and didn't care...good for him is all I have to say...stupid that people have to hide it...

8. If marijuana is legalized, do you think it should have a luxury tax added onto it?

Sure, maybe then less people will use it and our streets will be safer...I think legalizing it will go a long way in cutting down on people using it really...I think the younger gen does stuff that is illegal just because they can do something against the establishment...

9. What's the oddest thing you have sitting on your computer desk right now or where ever it is you may be sitting with a laptop (you could be sitting at a Starbucks with an alien from Mars for all we know)?

Odd?  or Unique?  You decide...

10. Have you ever bumped into a former lover and found out they were now gay or straight depending on your relationship with them?

Nope, not many to bump into...thank goodness...Now, if anyone knows Phillip Tralies I would love to know what became of him....had a huge crush...we messed around a little after high school...but nothing ever came of it..won't say why or what else...but would be interesting to know...

11. Have you ever held a tarantula?

Uh, no...and won't...EVER!!

12. Shower- curtain, door, walk-in, or do you just roll around in the dirt to get the stink off?

Shower Curtain with the curved rod so that I have a lot of room!!

13. Which commercial is the most annoying to you on TV or radio?

Some lady selling insurance in this area...


  1. I'm not one for spiders either. Even small ones! Have a great day...

  2. Wow, that is an odd but interesting thing you have on your desk, is it yours or hubby's? Hehe

  3. Interesting thing on the desk. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. *laughing* I'd say it's definitely......different!

    And I 'free' spiders. I always feel bad for 'em getting a bum rap... LOL