Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Frights

Okay, I don't want to get deep today...just have some fun, so I was thinking of a very close friend of mine that loves Friday Fright Nite on USA or whatever station that is that it comes on....any ways...I am a huge scary cat. My sister friend can attest to that...


01 Bugs, huge flying "Palmetto" or Water Bugs, whatever you want to call them. I hate them they freak me out and I scream like an axe murderer just jumped in front of me. This is the one that sister friend can attest to, but what she will tell you is that when the going gets tough...I am willing to kill these on my I had to when I went through a short separation with my husband one time.

02 Losing my husband. Okay, maybe it is not a fright, but it scares me none the less. And I am not talking about losing him as us divorcing I am talking about the loss that cannot be reversed. My life would be so empty without him and I hope we have many many more years on this earth before that is ever a reality.

03 The last thing that scares me is the thought of our world losing it's moral compass. Okay, not another fright and darn, I got away from being simple today...But it is a little scary, you know. Young people today don't have a fear about them that we did that helped us to stay within those parameters that felt safe and kept others safe. I think a little bit of fear of what our actions mean morally is a good thing and I think our you society is losing that all to fast.

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