Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Special

~Halloween Ghostly Tell Tales~

1. Believe in ghosts, spirits, or the supernatural?

I do believe in something of this sort. To me there are spirits or souls among us at all times. I believe when we die we get to join back with the other souls, but we can choose to come back to earth in human form if and when we want. I believe that those of us in human form can think of a soul we were once in touch with in human form and that soul will be in our presence instantly if they are not in human form again. I believe that when we can no longer feel that soul in our presence when we think of it then it has rejoined us on this earth and that we will find each other again in some other life if not this one.

2. Ever had a supernatural experience?

I don't know if you would call it a supernatural experience, but a week or so after my grandfather died and I was back home from helping my husband deal with my mother-in-laws death, which happened two days before my grandfather died so I could not go to his funeral, I got up one morning to go to the bathroom and I saw my grandfather for a second sitting on the chair in my bedroom. He was younger, like when he was in the Navy and had his uniform on and was kind of hunched over with his elbow on his knee holding his head up. I had never seen my grandpa in this pose so I do not believe it is something I recall from a picture. I do believe he was there.

3. Favorite horror film?

Oh, this is hard because I really don't care for horror movies anymore. I guess I would have to say one of the classics, like the black and white Mummy movie.

4. Finish this line: Silently I walk in the moonless night _____.

Silently I walk in the moonless night feeling safe with the souls all around me.


  1. I believe you saw him, because my gram saw my grandfather when he died and the coockooclock stopped without any reason and was never able to run again.

    Mine are up: ::here::.

    Have a scary weekend.

  2. Wow......interesting beliefs and experiences....