Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"I Want...." Wednesday

I Want to move to GA!! It is on my mind constantly. I feel like I am living to move to GA and will not truely be able to live until that is accomplised. I have been away for eight years as of next week. I visit of course, frequently. But it is not the same, not the same as living near my family and friends and getting to spend time with the frequently. My parents went to the Octoberfest at Ft. Gordon last weekend, that is something we would have done with them if we were there.

I have my sister friend there and we have not spent real quality time together in 8 years. I just get to see her when I am passing through, but no real time to have fun. Then another very close friend is in NC and this would put me so much closer to her also.

So, I WANT TO MOVE!!! Please put out positive vibes, say affirmations, prayers for me. I want this so bad and I feel like I am just marking time until this happens.


  1. Oh boy can I understand wanting to be close to those you feel so connected to.

    I don't know what's in the way of making that happen, but I will include you in prayers.

  2. Do you honestly think the State of Georgia can handle us BOTH in the same area?... smirk

    We'd both get out our scrapbooking, have different ideas, but both the same,, grow old together,, Wait,, i did not just say that!

    You are always in my thoughts n' prayers,,,..