Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Special

~Words Ending in GHT ~ I Say You Answer~

1. Cry In The answer?

The first thing I think of when I read this is about a lonely heart. Someone that is all alone with no one to share the intimacy of the night with, no one to just hold them and make them feel safe and loved. Yeah, that is what I think about and it makes me sad, like I will cry for them.

2. Tasty answer?

Mmmmm, chocolate, Godiva Chocolate to be exact. Melting in my mouth as smooth as silk and the endorphines raising almost immediately...oh, yeah...

3. Bright answer?

LOL, well, I think of a train...yeah, you heard me right a train, but not just any old train...the train that is heading right at me and I saw it just a little to late...for me that light at the end of the tunnel just seems like a train coming to plow me down...yeah, it will end it all, alright, just not the way I expect. So, I spend every day working to change that light into the sun shining down on me instead, warming me and making me feel like I have been wrapped tight in a blanket and have nothing to fear.

4. Air answer?

Other than Tupperware..LOL...What this means to me is to have an airtight relationship with the people I love most in my life. That I can tell them anything and it will always be between us and that there is no reason for them to ever use things I have told them about me, against me because we have each others back. They can expect the same of me, to handle their words with care and never betray them or lie to them because that is not what people who love each other do.

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  1. Oh, indeed--

    I really, really liked the 'airtight' answer.....