Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Question

When you take your socks off, do you always use your hands to do it, or do you ever your feet?

Well, I don't do either really. I usually take off my socks standing up and I run my foot along the rug and let the rug pull them off...Don't know how or when I started this. I do the same thing if I am on the recliner. I will rub my foot along the foot of the recliner until I can get the sock off. I actually hate socks. I don't wear them at all in the summer except when I need to wear a pair of running shoes. Other than that as soon as I get home in the colder months I take them off and put my slippers on if my feet are cold, otherwise I go bare foot which is my favorite.


  1. Oh yes!

    Shoes and socks are THE first thing to go when I get home.

    <-- loves barefeets, year round.

    Sometimes I take socks off with feet...sometimes with hands.....sometimes by doing exactly as you do--scootching my feet on the run until it claims them. LOL

  2. I never thought about it but I do it like you do. And I hate shoes....I wish I could take them off at work....shhhh sometimes I do just for a second to stretch my feet. I've even been known to go outside barefoot in the winter in the snow to get the mail.