Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"I Want...." Wednesday

I move to GA...I know, I know...that is what I said last week. But today I had bad news...personnel did not qualify me for the job I put in for in GA. I should have qualified at the lower level and I have a feeling she did not even consider me for the lower level. I am going to push this one...I am just totally pissed. I really wanted this position for so many reasons; the biggest being that I want to go home damn it... the second being that I want to do something new...

I am starting to worry that I have gotten myself into a pigeon hole in my career and that I won't be able to cross over to something else to help me get out of here. I am not going to stop trying, but I am somewhat worried. I know I need to think this and believe this into reality, but I have not been strong with it lately. So, I need to meditate and pray more...and I will work on that.

Okay, I can't do this anymore...I am done for now...


  1. As always i will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.. Now that same gusto you gave me,, give it to her superior ;-)


  2. In HIS time.....

    (((((((( you )))))))))))

    *sending prayers and positive thoughts*