Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday's Sunrise Sunset

I thought I would do something different this Sunday and post a picture I took Memorial Weekend 2003. This is the year the USA attacked Iraq. My brother was called to active duty, but thankfully for our family he was able to stay state side to fill in for sailors that were sent out on the ship. He wanted to be out there too, but I was glad he was not.

He was sent to Beaufort,SC to fill in at the Naval Hospital there in a clinic. He hated this because he is a Paramedic/Fire Fighter and being in a clinic was not giving him what he is used to getting out of a job.

His wife found him a great condo on Fripp Island, which is like 15 minutes from where he was working and she got it for him at the government per Diem. So, for Memorial Weekend I came out from Kansas to visit him and my parents and we all went to Fripp Island. It was a wonderful weekend. But my best memory of the weekend is when he woke me up to come watch the sunrise with him. I will cherish that memory forever, the two of us standing out on the balcony watching the sun come up.

As we get older, busy in our daily lives, and live far apart we sometimes don't have the connections with our siblings that way may have once had, but that morning was like we had never moved away and became different people.

Thankfully now he and I talk a lot more than we had been for a long time. At least once a month, which is pretty good I think when we live so far away and how busy he is with his job, the Navy reserves, and a family that includes three very active boys.

So, here is the picture I took off the balcony that memorable morning in May of 2003 on Fripp Island.


  1. What an amazing photo, and on such a memorable morning for you. It's beautiful.

    Mine's posted if you'd like to stop by to view....

    Happy Sunday.

  2. What a beautiful sunrise....and what a beautiful message.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Your message was touching. Your photo beautiful.

  4. How lovely is the resonates well with your story!

    Sunrise do bring us a promise!