Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Want....

I know...I just want to be happy. I believe for the most part I am. I do wish we had children of any age in our home. I get sad sometimes that we have not had the opportunity...and we have talked a lot more about adopting, but we want to adopt the older ages that have trouble getting adopted.

We love to go places and do things, and we do with in our budget. Things like that make me happy because we are learning and experiencing life together and we always have so much fun when we are together. Even yesterday just being at the house all day together we had a ball.

So, even though I have it...I still want it...I want to keep it...and I believe only I can make that happen with God working through me...So, here's to happiness and keeping it in our lives...I wish you all the happiness you want in life...


  1. Now that you two are grown, i can see this more so now, rather then back when...

    i can honestly say, you both would make great parents...

    Heck, just adopt
    i'll do dishes :-)

  2. that was an encouraging post. thanks for sharing! my husband and i would love to adopt some day too.

    blessings...and happiness! :) -b

  3. Bless your hearts.

    I dare say that I work with an agency that does adoptions of older kiddos.
    They're difficult to find families for--in part because of the emotional damage that's come from their circumstances.
    But I gotta say, they're just so cute--and what they really want for is a love-filled home.