Tuesday, November 11, 2008

That's My Answer!

Will I be sending cards this Christmas?

Well, if you read a blog from a day or so ago you will see that I have actually been making my Christmas cards for this year. Nothing special, but for the last three years I have been making the cards and I enjoy it. If I would start in the summer I would get them the way I really want them, but I keep waiting to late. Maybe next year.

One reason I make our cards is because I want a specific message inside. Something that shares what we believe the reason for the season is, not what is generally believed by the majority of the Christian community. It is a spiritual holiday for me, not religious. I usually use iconic images of Christmas instead of a spiritual or religious image. This year I did pick up some stickers with the Holy Family and wise men and put them on some cards, but they only made it on a few. If I were an artist I might try to draw something, and maybe I can play around with that for next year.

So, this year inside the card, this is our message:

The "reason for the season," according to traditional Christian belief, is the celebration of the Christ, the man from Galilee, the Messiah, into the physical world.

We believe that it's the celebration of birth of a new way of being that's beyond the physical.

"The reason for the season" is the consciousness of Christ, and it's time now for all of us to realize that we're it!

I am not sure how many people will understand it, get it, or even agree with it, but it was what we wanted to say this year in our cards.

Celtic Spirit asked that I post some pics of my cards. So, I have, but like I said, they are nothing special. I just like the idea of making cards if I am going to bother sending them. Two years ago I bought the stuff to make the paper for the cards and I still have not done that...so, maybe this next summer I will do that project and my cards will be on "homemade" paper next year.


  1. Your cards sure are something special. They are beautiful! Just the fact that you took the time to make the cards by hand....to me that says you really care. I like your message as well. It's very well thought out.

  2. Awwwwwwwww........they're adorable!

    And I rather like the message it brings.