Wednesday, September 8, 2010

30 Days Of Truth - Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive
someone for.

First I have to forgive my bff for the two times that she lied to me terribly.  The first time I was so made that we did not talk for a few years.  The second time I was more hurt than mad because I thought we had moved past her lying to me.  I have never figured out why she feels the need to lie to me when she says she loves me, but in the end because I do love her I must forgive her and move on so as to not let this ruin the bond that we have had for the past 19 years.  I love her like she is my own sister...we have a connection that seems like we have known each other in past lives.  Love you Girl!!

Second, and it is a bit late, but I need to forgive my mother-in-law for  interfering in my marriage.  I did not come to terms with things before she passed and I wish I would had let it go and let her know I had forgiven her for calling a lawyer for my husband to divorce me, when just the night before she had told me to give him some time...that he would come around in a month or so.  She did eventually drive him back to me, I guess I was the lesser of the two evils at the time and since then we have separated one more time, but now we have been married over 19 years and our relationship is very strong and healthy.  I do forgive her for her misdirected love for her son.  I wish she had been a different person, a person I could have had a good relationship with, but that was never to be as she died before we ever had the chance to get to a point were I could trust her and feel like she cared about me.


  1. Fearful people make silly choices--they just do. Rarely do they think of how that choice will affect anyone but themselves. They go into survivor mode. Very human of them, I'm told.

    Forgiveness is a freeing thing--for you. I've no doubt you've experienced this already. Sounds like you're about to experience that again.

    *sending hugs*

  2. I Love you too, and I'm so sorry I've hurt you...